Something new has begun...

Well we officially have the first batch of the new Devi Ever FX complete...we are beyond stoked!  At first we will focus on 6 models, down the road we will bring back other classic Devi circuits...but for now we are going to rock; Soda Meiser, Hyperion, BIT Legend of Fuzz, Torn's Peaker, Ruiner and Shoe Gazer.  Stay tuned for more updates!


  • Hi Devi Ever …haow do i manage to order a soda meiser ?

    Pierre Eric LANSADE
  • So are you actually filling orders or just taking our money and ghosting us?

    Garret Keeler
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  • Nice to have you back! Some 12 years or so ago I used to follow you on YouTube and built several of your effects. Will you be bringing back kits?? =)

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